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Atlântica, in partnership with Carbures and FIDAM of Airbus, has created the European Research Observatory on Composites, which aims to develop applied research in the areas of engineering, in response to the needs of Industry.
This research model is in line with the mission of the Atlântica University Higher Institution that intends to be a reference in applied research in Portugal and in the World.


To establish channels for the joint achievement of dissemination, training and research activities to the benefit of all parties.


The evolution and improvement of Known Technologies.

The analysis, elementary essay and demonstration of Emerging Technologies for its potential application.

The ways of applying these technologies to specific products and their optimization.

The contribution to establish the corresponding Design Principles and Methods of Analysis.

Propose new lines of research to the University, Research Laboratories and other Centers.

These activities may concern both aerospace projects, which will naturally have a preference, as well as other sectors in which the Parties have knowledge and experience that will contribute to a valuable technology transfer.



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