Atlântica presents WORKSHOP ON INDUSTRY 4.0

Based on one of the problems of today’s society, the absence of a future-oriented attitude, and in the context of what is expected to be the 4th Industrial Revolution, Atlântica has created a new Postgraduate in Industry 4.0.

The program is designed for companies and individuals who need to improve their qualifications in the struggle for competitive leadership and appropriate adaptation for the next structural change Industry 4.0 context. This innovative post-graduation  is based on research on future oriented   production management as well as on the implementation of innovation strategies designed to deal with disruptive technologies that will radically transform the existing industrial structure.


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Workshop on Industry 4.0 Fev. 21st 6 pm – 8 pm


Moderator – Pedro Miguel Oliveira – Director of “Exame Informática”

Post-Graduation Coordinator Ph D Tessaleno Devesas

Vice Rector – industry area – Ph D Manuel Freitas

CEO of Galucho – Ph D  Fernando Romana